“Charitable giving is a key pillar of Islam and by extension of ASCC Logistics. Our employees from various backgrounds and cultures make a difference where they work and live.” – Saeed Abdrirahman, Director, Corporate Affairs and Business Development.

At ASCC, logistics goes beyond our core business. It is what drives and enables us to give back to society and make positive contributions while we are at it.
Tremendous amounts of money, time and commitment goes into bettering the communities where ASCC has set up ‘shop’; and particularly in Kenya.

Our involvement in Education
At ASCC Logistics, we believe that education is one of the best investments we can make today to address tomorrow’s challenges. That belief drives us to sponsor intelligent female students who are not in a position to get an education. Our beneficiaries are at various levels pursuing their studies within Kenyan Secondary Schools, which include — Ramisi High School, Coast Girls’ and Alliance High School.

Our involvement in Sports
Through sports, we deliver lasting and tangible results within our communities. By sponsoring the Montana Football Club (FC) in Kiembeni, Mombasa (Kenya) we positively contribute to the lives of fine gentlemen who may have experienced educational under-achievement and/or unemployment.
Our pride will be seeing these budding sportsmen, becoming professional footballers and an inspiration to the next generation of youth.

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