Extraordinary people comprise the team at ASCC Logistics. We are proud of our human capital’s diversity, specialist knowledge and the breadth of experience that they bring to our work. Although drawn from diverse backgrounds, they are unified by three common denominators: passion for logistics, a can-do-attitude and fresh ideas.

Whether we are called upon to move extraordinarily huge but fragile consignments from one continent to another or approached to offer emergency logistics services, our clients can be confident that our people are the best at what they do.

The team at ASCC Logistics is steered toward its Vision by the Management Team that comprises:

  • Mohamed-Dahir Sheikh Abdirahman – Managing Director and Founder

  • Ibrahim Sheikh Abdirahman – General Manager

  • Bashir Maalim Noor – Director, Operations

  • Saeed Sheikh Abdirahman – Director, Corporate Affairs and Business Development

  • Abdirahman Bashir - Operations Manager and Customer Services

  • Christopher Chebii - Head of Human Resource Management

  • Stephen Mwangi – Chief Accountant

  • Surinder Singh – Consulting Partner, Systems Development

  • Ignatius Monari – Consulting Partner, ICT

  • Frank Mutulu – Consulting Partner, Corporate Communications

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